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ovi foto 08.05.2014

Dear Audience!

Please allow me to regard you as our audience, everyone who is interested in the Oradea Philharmonic, even if you have never been to one of our concerts. Do everything you can to go to a concert as soon as possible, and I am sure that you will not be sorry. An excellent orchestra and choir are waiting for you. For decades they have proven both at home and abroad Meleg.Vilmos.2their expertise and excellent qualifications in the realm of classical music and even beyond that. 

Our artistic management has put together such a high level repertoire with popular interests in mind. Our valuable offerings are also enriched by wonderful guest performers. Our performances are sure to win your favor and, in the near future, the number of Oradeans who love, understand and feel the music will grow into a highly cultured audience.




                                                     Vilmos Tibor Meleg
                                                      General Manager